New Employee Starter Form

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New Employee Starter Form
Please ensure ALL sections are completed.

Employee Details

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Identity Card/ Passport - (Please provide photographic proof):

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Unique Tax Reference Number (If you are self employed. Please provide photographic proof)

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Additional Training or Licenses (Also provide photographic proof):

Landline Telephone Number:

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Next of Kin

Please provide the contact details of someone who would be called in the event of you being taken unwell, while on Duty. We will ensure this person is only contacted in the event of an emergency.


First Name

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Relationship to Employee:

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Bank Details

Please provide the Bank Account Details of where you wish for your wages to be paid into.

Bank Name:

Please provide the name of your Bank, for example: Natwest, HSBC or Barclays etc.
Name of Account Holder:

Please provide the name of the Account Holder as it appears on the Debit Card/Bank Statement.
Account Number:

Please provide the Account number.
Sort Code:

Please provide the Sort-Code.

Starter Declaration

Please tick the most appropriate from following three statements:

Student Loans:

I make Student Loan repayments through payroll.


I attach a copy of the P45 from my previous employer

Attach copy here:


I understand that the Company reserves the right to deduct, from my wage or salary, any monies I owe to the Company. Costs of Uniform and payment for Training may also be deducted from your wage, in accordance with Company Procedure, as stated in your Terms and Conditions of Employment.
I have read and agree to the above statement.


You will be required to 'Read/Agree' with this statement, if you wish to pursue your Application with the Company.